Scott, who looks after our Marketing & Events has been a DJ for over 10 years. He has worked as both a Mobile DJ & Nightclub Resident across a variety of venues throughout Essex & Suffolk. In 2017 he was booked to DJ a Wedding; it was a beautiful venue and featured a set of 'Light Up LOVE Letters'. They looked fantastic and really set off a great atmosphere on the night. As the night progressed and the dancefloor became busier, the drinks were flowing and the children were (as you'd expect) skidding across the dancefloor on their knees!

Unfortunately one of the children slid right into one of the letters which fell to the ground, a couple of bulbs smashed and the child landed on top of the letter. Thankfully this little lad wasn't harmed in his spectacular stunt BUT..... it got us thinking!  Generally these 'Light Up Letters' have glass bulbs, they are also usually powered straight from the mains. Things could of turned out a little differently for this lad if he landed on the powered terminals of the smashed bulb right? - It's not a nice thought, so let's move on!

It was then that Scott decided there must be a safer way to create an incredible effect without the danger of glass bulbs and/or high power at a family occasion.

Sweetness & Light have now designed and handmade a unique twist on the traditional Light Up Letters. Not only do they look beautiful, they are battery powered and have eight pre-programmed settings for you to customise and set the mood at your special occasion giving you peace of mind on your big day!.... and it hasn't stopped there!


Sweetness & Light design and build a unique twist on wedding and party props perfect for any special occasion, whether it's personal or corporate - we can help. We started creating our very own unique twist on the already very popular light up letters and have now added not only numbers to the range but a selection of other products to give your event the wow factor. This now includes: interchangeable Mr & Mrs TV Stands to include same sex marriages, LED Starlit Dancefloors, a rustic range and our very own DJ for all occasions.


Lee has over 35 years experience as a high quality joiner, Lee has all the skills required to ensure your products look the part and are built to last.

Lee loves spending time with his family, improving his family home and putting the world to right with his Cat 'Toffee'.

Design & Build


Fern has been creating a variety of dainty wood based creations for several years as a hobby but, with such high rated feedback on her work, we've managed to bring her on-board for any custom table décor/ top table requirements you may have.

Fern loves spending time with her family, is a keen reader when given the opportunity and loves to visit London.

Bespoke Designer



Scott has a DJ background from Mobile Discos to Nightclub Residencies. He knows exactly how to ensure events run smoothly, ensuring peace of mind for your big day.

Scott loves spending time with his family, has a huge appetite and would one day love to get back into water sports.

Marketing & Events