How big are the Light Up Letters?
All our light up letters are 4 foot tall, 20cm deep and between 2ft and 4ft wide depending on the letter. If you need to know the width of a particular display then please do not hesitate to contact us.


How big is the Mr & Mrs TV Stand?

The TV Display is 7ft Tall x 4ft Wide and stands like an A-Frame.

How are your products made?
Sweetness & Light products are handmade by our very own joiner. Lee has over 30 years experience in the trade and ensures each of our products is finished to a high standard for your special occasion.


What bulbs do you use?

We use LEDs to create the incredible effect that has made our light up letters as popular as they are today. They stay cool perfect for safety at a family function and use very low power which enables us to be able to battery power them, increasing the possibilities of where you can put the letters on your big day. It is also possible to battery power the TV Stand but this will need to be made clear if this option is required when booking.


Can I have coloured bulbs?
All our letters are supplied as standard with our Ice White LEDs to create a unique twist on the already very traditional Light Up Letters. We feel that the letters look best with this effect and therefore do not supply a change in colour.


Can I use the lights outdoors?
We have two styles of Light Up Letters. We have what we would consider to be our 'Premium Collection' (Black & White) and our Rustic Collection. We will not allow our Premium Collection outside but the rustic effect is absolutely fine (even if it rains - you don't need to worry)


Can we move the lights once they have been delivered?
We would ask you not to move them from where we set them up. They can be awkward to carry and any damage caused could result in you losing your deposit. As you can appreciate, we want our letters to go to the next event in the same beautiful condition they arrived at yours.


What are the power requirements?
Each letter comes individually powered so there are no cables trailing along the floor. We will ensure the batteries have more than enough charge for the event. Our light up letters will remain on for 6 hours. They automatically turn off after this as a safety precaution but are safe to turn back on for another 6 hours. They will go straight back to the original effect you selected.


How long does my hire last?
Your hire is for the duration of your wedding/event with a maximum hire of 24 hours unless otherwise agreed.  We deliver on the morning of your wedding/event and will collect on the morning of the following day or at the end of your wedding/event – whichever your venue requires.  We will leave the lights off ready to be turned on when required.


Do you charge for delivery?
We include 50 miles of delivery from the postcode CO4 9TD (close to our storage) within our hire price – any mileage above this can be negotiated when booking.


Do you require a booking fee?
Yes – on booking, we require a non-refundable £50 booking fee to secure your date. We are more than happy to wait till the very last second of your event for the balance but we will not unload the van until the balance is paid in full. Most of our clients prefer to transfer this a few days before to save any hassle on the day.


Do you require a damage deposit?
Your booking fee is also the damage deposit. Before the event we will ask that you pay the total price of your booking and providing the condition is as we delivered, we will refund your £50 deposit. For example: The total price for the booking is £200. You pay us a booking fee of £50. We then take a further £200 (we have £250). Once the event is complete and all is well, we will refund the initial £50.