Mr &Mrs TV Display

Our Mr & Mrs TV Stand is the latest creation here at Sweetness & Light and it's proving to be very popular! There's a few ways in which you can use this beautiful display, let's give you some inspiration:

  1. You send us all you're favourite relationship photos to tell the story of your relationship. This could include the very first date, meeting the family, holiday snaps and of course those funny but tad embarrassing photos. We can then display them to all your friends and family on your special day!

  2. Book a pre wedding photo shoot with your wedding photographer. Some photographers will do packages where they'll take you to France, Italy or even somewhere local that's close to your heart! We can then beautifully display them for everyone to see on your special day!

  3. Depending on how helpful your photographer is willing to be.... you could also have your photographer take photos on the day of your wedding and then display them to all your evening guests that never attended the wedding!

Mr & Mrs - TV Stand Specifications:

  • 39" High Quality TV

  • 8 Pre-Programmed Lighting Effects (with LEDs)

  • USB input

  • 7ft in height x 4ft in width

Stephanie Kerridge
Mr & Mrs TV Stand
Mr & Mrs TV Stand
Mr & Mrs TV Stand
Mr & Mrs TV Stand
Mr & Mrs TV Stand